Standardization and Labeling

One of the main objectives of standardization is that everybody adheres to the same standards, i.e. the same procedures or product specifications. This may ease logistical procedures, facilitate trade, prevent consumer deception and improve quality.
The prime objective of Standardization and Labelling of electrical appliances in PEECA is to identify and notify policy for incentivizing manufacturers to adopt “Minimum Energy Performance” standards for priority energy consuming equipment. 

3-Stars Labelled Fans

Standardization and Labelling of fans has been completed with the coordination of NEECA. Till date, 18 fan manufacturers have been awarded 3 Star Labelling and more than 300,000 label fans have been issued resulting in around 31 MWs of energy saving.

Air Conditioning Unit Testing Lab

Population growth rate of Pakistan is 2.1%. Due to increase in urbanization, more and more people opt for a better lifestyle. This includes purchase of more electrical appliances including air conditioning units, hence greater load on the national grid. Another reason for increased use of Air Conditioners is the increase in maximum summer temperature and a stretched out period of the season. One way to cope with this issue is to opt for energy efficient solutions. 
The Government of the Punjab through Punjab Energy Efficiency & Conservation Agency (PEECA) intends to establish the first of its kind Air Conditioning Unit Testing Lab, to reduce national energy deficit by demand side management of domestic, commercial and industrial air conditioning loads through standardization of units.
With a capacity to test 0.5 to 5.0 TR of Air Conditioners, the lab will serve as a platform for the standardization and labelling of Air Conditioning systems, and can enhance the competitiveness of locally manufactured HVAC units for export through government accreditations. Testing of existing Air Conditioning units can lead to awareness of the consumer, which may prove helpful in wise choices of Air Conditioning units leading to lower utility bills.