Energy Conservation Building Codes (ECBC)

Government of Punjab has mandated Punjab Energy Department/PEECA to act as the provincial coordinator for energy efficiency and conservation measures and policies. For this purpose, PEECA has been tasked as per National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act 2016 to revise/modify Energy Efficiency & Conservation Building Codes of Punjab. All institutional, professional, industrial and public sector stakeholders are taken on board by open house discussions in various regions of Punjab. Review and modification of this document has been done while the implementation and enforcement of this code will be done in the next phase.
The code shall apply to buildings and building clusters that have a total connected load of 100 kW or greater, or a contract demand of 125 kVA or greater, or a conditioned area of 900 m2 or greater, or an unconditioned buildings of covered area of 1,200 m2 or more. Domestic sector is one of the biggest consumers of electricity in Pakistan. Buildings globally account for 40% of energy consumption and 50% of CO2 emissions.  Draft Document of Punjab Energy Conservation Building Code