Awareness Campaign

One of the main activities of PEECA Program is to promote awareness of the energy efficient appliances through different modes of media. In this regard, awareness campaign on General Energy Conservation and 3-star label fans was launched via Print and Electronic Media (Both on TV and Radio) to promote the behavioural changes in the masses. 90,000 fans have already been installed resulting in energy saving of 11 MW and one of the main contribution being put in by the media campaign of PEECA.

General energy conservation campaign included the following key points:

  • Usage of DC inverter ACs.
  • Outer units will be silent resulting in cost effectiveness.
  • Inverter ACs should be maintained at 26℃.
  • Instead of UPS, Digital inverters should be used.
  • Usage of 3-star label fans.
  • Insulation of walls and windows.
  • Usage of LED TVs.
  • Usage of energy efficient appliances means reduction in bills.