One of the main outcome that can be achieved from energy audit is retrofitting potential of that building. Retrofitting is replacement of inefficient electrical appliances with their efficient alternatives.

Retrofitting of GCU Lahore (Pilot Project)

Retrofitting of Government College University, Lahore was initiated as a pilot project. In this regard, 6,427 lights, 2,140 fans and 395 air conditioners were replaced with LEDs, energy label fans and inverter ACs carried out in GCU Lahore (approved as a Designated Agency) resulted in energy saving of 1.32 GWh and financial savings of PKR 18 million. The payback period for lights, fans and ACs is 8 months, 20 months and 05 years respectively.

Retrofitting of 1 Million lights and 225 Thousand Fans

Based on successful execution of the GCU, Lahore retrofitting pilot project. PEECA in coordination with Environment Protection Department and World Bank Group intends to retrofit 1,000,000 lights and 225,000 fans resulting in electricity saving potential of 72 GWh and savings of 1.238 Billion PKR in a five years span. The total amount for the project is 3.81 Billion PKR.