Energy Efficiency Building Codes: Building the Future Together

Event Schedule:    

Venue/City       Date
Multan  April 27, 2017
Rawalpindi April 27, 2017
Lahore  May 06, 2017

A series of workshops were planned to present a comprehensive overview of developing building codes and implementing a code of conduct in Pakistan. The events were also aimed to highlight importance of Building Energy Codes to design professionals and allied stakeholders with the objective to develop partnership amongst design professionals, material manufacturers and code enforcement agencies.
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Energy Efficiency For Sustainable Future

Event Schedule:

Venue/City     Date
Gujranwala May 16, 2017
Faisalabad May 18, 2017
Rawalpindi May 20, 2017 
Lahore   May 22, 2017
Sialkot May 24, 2017

The seminar presented comprehensive overview on energy efficiency and energy management system and highlighted the importance of energy saving opportunities in the industrial sector to a broad audience consisting of utility and power sectors representatives, business and industrial professionals, builders, small / mid-scale constructors, architects and housing scheme."Energy Efficiency for Sustainable Future" turned out to be a high profile gathering of the country’s prominent speakers from various recognized forums of related industry who presented their papers  on the following the topics: Pakistan’s Energy Scenario and need for Energy Conservation, Energy efficiency and Energy Management System (ISO 50001), Energy Efficiency in Electricity Generation and Distribution in Industrial Sector including Power Factor and energy Saving Opportunities in our in Industries.
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